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Why I Love Writing YOUR Love Stories

It wasn't just the usual quick in and out caffeine run. Last week, I was at my neighborhood coffee shop for a different and more exciting purpose. I was meeting my next love story client, Jenn. I found a small table next to an outlet and opened up my laptop to a word doc aptly named "Love Story Interview with Jenn ." Next, I set up my audio recorder. I was ready to write her love story!

Jenn texted me to say she had parked and my excitement bubbled up even more. She had reached out to me a week earlier through my website ( and said how excited she was to get her love story down on paper. She had gotten engaged only a few months earlier and she had tried writing it before herself, but she couldn't make it come together in the beautiful way she knew it deserved so she reached out to me for professional help. Usually, I conduct my clients’ love story interviews via Skype since they live all over the world, but this time, I found out that Jenn lived right down the road — what an amazing coincidence — so we met IRL! I absolutely adore engaging with my clients each step of the way, leading to #1:

#1: You! The Couple

I can’t say enough great things about the couples I work with! They have a genuine appreciation for their journey as a couple and it shines! I can see love in their eyes as they recount their love for one another during our love story interview. Often, their love story has unfolded over several years and sometimes, it’s only a short time, but regardless, they are 100% sure that they have found their soulmate and they are so excited to be engaged to their better half and tell their love story from start to finish for the first time.

#2: Interviewing You

Going into an interview where you recall all the details about your relationship can feel vulnerable at first (my clients often tell me they’re nervous), but they also recognize the extraordinary value of having their love story documented. Once we get chatting, they realize it’s no big deal and it’s even fun to speak their love story out loud ! In fact, they get lost in their trip down memory lane and I love this part! I get to see them relive all their sweet memories. So many times they’ll say something that the other hasn’t heard before — like a small gesture that meant a lot to them — and it means so much to the other person. It's very touching and I'm honored to be apart of this exchange of words that matters so much.

#3: Crafting Your Fairytale

Before even putting pen to pen, I love looking at a love story from a unique point of view. Not beginning to end necessarily; sometimes I start in the middle of your love story and sometimes at the end. It just depends on where my creativity takes me. I get my inspiration from telling your love story in the most compelling way that defines the beautiful couple you are. When I do start writing, I remember how you described your defining moments and depict them as accurately as possible, adding your thoughts and feelings around the experience to give your written story all the emotion that you remember and described.

#4: Delivering Your Love Story

The really magical part for me is to share with my clients their custom-written love story for the first time. It’s more than words on a piece of paper — it’s a part of your history as a couple. I call it a wedding heirloom because it’s one of the only elements of your wedding day that you can take home with you and treasure for generations. You can read it every anniversary and share it with your kids one day. How special is that?! It’s also an amazing resource when the going gets tough and you need a little reminder of all the reasons you fell in love.

As you can see, there's a lot to love about writing your love stories!

The older I get, the more I realize how much love stories, if left untold, become only an afterthought. And that can't happen on my watch.

If you'd like to learn more about working with me to capture your great love story, I'd love to meet you! Fill out the form on this page and I'll be in touch!

xo, Kristen

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