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6 Creative Ways to Personalize Your Wedding with the Words of Your Love Story

6 creative ways to personalize your wedding with the words of your love story

Sharing the words of your love story is a simple, yet powerful, way to add personal meaning and intimacy to your wedding day. Your flowers, wedding decor, and food will say something about you as a couple, but those things can never tell the complete story about how you came together and fell in love. Your wedding guests are coming to your wedding to celebrate your love for one another so why not share the details of your love story with them? Love Notery clients are very creative in how they have incorporated their love stories into their wedding day.

Here are 6 ideas you can steal!

1. Your wedding website is more than a housing place for location details of your wedding. It’s the first touch point that your wedding guests will have to experience your wedding. Draw them in with your sweet love story. Your love story details all defining moments of your relationship from how you met and fell in love to why you knew he was the one and even your proposal story. This detailed account of your love story will pull your wedding guests into your fairytale and help them enjoy everything your day is all about.

2. Your love story can provide the script for your wedding vows. Hands down the most special part of your wedding ceremony if you choose it is to speak straight from the heart and recite your own wedding vows detailing everything that your soon-to-be husband or wife means to you and how you will enjoy love and life together. Begin your wedding vows with an overview of how you met, a story that you’ll have at the ready once your love story is written. You will also be able to better vocalize what you admire about your fiancé and what he means to you as a result of the Love Notery love story interview so when it comes to writing your vows, the words will be on the tip of your tongue!

3. At each rehearsal dinner (or reception) table, frame a part of your love story and put a number on the back. Then, make it a game! Have one person read the framed love story section on their table and go around the room until the last one has been read.

4. Think ceremony programs are outdated? The traditional ones may be, but you are anything but traditional! Print your love story on the back page and give your guests something meaningful to do while they wait for your ceremony to begin.

5. Display your framed love story at the guest book table or as the guest book itself! As your wedding guests enter your reception, they will be charmed with your magical story and excited to celebrate you, the newly married couple, with an entirely new enthusiasm.

6. The wedding day gift exchange with your fiancé is the most special gift you will ever give. Giving the gift of your love story honors your relationship and reflects the one-of-a-kind love that you share. It will create a special sentiment and remind your special someone of all the reasons you two are the perfect match only moments before walking down the aisle to say, “I do.”

After your wedding day has come and gone, there are only a few tangible mementos that you can take away and keep as cherished memories of your special day. Your love story is one of them! Hang it in your home and feel grateful every day for your partner, best friend and lover. Read your love story on your anniversary and pass it down as a family heirloom to future generations.

Your love story is a wedding heirloom that lasts a lifetime.




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