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“Behind every great love, there’s a great story."

~ Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook

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Kristen holder her love story

Hey There, I'm Kristen

Love Notery was born out my realization that a picture really doesn't say a thousand words. I took one glance at a wedding photo hanging on my wall and flashed back to the previous three years of my relationship with my husband. I was reminded of so many great memories that we had shared together and I started to wonder if I’d always remember them. 


I thought about our “how we met” story, the time we moved from Atlanta to New York City with a dream and a lot of hope, how he proposed, and our “firsts” (our first kiss, our first “I love you,” our first apartment, our first vacation). I thought about how I knew he was the one for me. These anecdotes, our anecdotes, made up our love story, but they lived only in our memories. That is until I had my idea for Love Notery!


Most of the world's greatest love stories are, in fact, written down, but they are fictional. Isn't that strange? Shouldn't we live in a world where real love stories are documented, shared, passed down and bring daily joy into our lives? 


I couldn’t stand to think that real love stories would only live in our hearts and I was convinced that our own love stories have a place in history.


So began my journey.


I'm here to use my storytelling skills to help couples realize the strength and beauty in their love stories and the importance of building upon that foundation every single day. 


A few words about my storytelling experience

Even as a little girl, I knew I wanted to be a storyteller. I was enamored by journalists who interviewed people from all walks of life and shared their experiences so that others would be inspired, learn and grow from their stories. At that time, I was going to be a sports broadcaster. Then, I was convinced I would be the next Katie Couric, but Meredith Viera took my job. 


When I grew up, I shrugged off the snub from Meredith and figured out another way to tell stories as a PR pro and publicist. I planned, produced and disseminated stories in publications like Refinery29, Huffington Post, Fast Company, USA Today, and Entrepreneur while working my butt off in NYC.


Now it's my privilege and honor to create your legacy of love by immortalizing all the extraordinary moments and details of your sweet romance as well as help you craft personal wedding vows infused with your amazing love story. Together, we're spreading more love into the world and placing our imprint upon the age-old adage: "Love is what makes the world go round."


Kristen Rocco

Founder, Love Notery

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I'm Kristen Rocco, Founder of Love Notery

For more information about working together on immortalizing your love story and crafting your personal, heartfelt wedding vows, simply complete the form and I will be in touch within 24 hours.

Your message is of my highest priority. I'll respond shortly.

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