write your own wedding vows, stress-free

Transform Your Scattered Thoughts Into

Wedding Vows That Wow

Do you feel overwhelmed thinking about how to capture all the love you have for your partner in a few meaningful paragraphs?

Are you confused about how to toe the line between personal enough & TMI, especially with your friends and family watching on?

Is your wedding around the corner and you need to whip up your wedding words quickly?




How to Write Personal Wedding Vows That Wow: Your Start-to-Finish Guide and Workbook takes the intimidation factor completely out of writing your own wedding vows with 

step-by-step writing instructions the whole way.

Get A Sneak Peak Inside

Couple exchanges personal wedding vows

  • Learn the simple 3-act structure and formula to make writing your wedding vows a breeze 


  • A free-writing exercise of love story reflections that jog your memory about all your defining relationship moments and your special romance


  • Coaching and instruction on how to include your love story reflection responses into your wedding vows to ensure they eloquently express your sentiments for your partner


  • Learn the categories your wedding vows that create the building blocks for your life and marriage together


  • Prompts and examples teaching you how to write your wedding vows the entire way through


  • The best tips and resources to use the correct grammar (dotting I’s and crossing T’s can't be overlooked)


  • Your How to Write Personal Wedding Vows That Wow guide and workbook is an editable PDF so you can use it as a place to tweak your rough drafts until you have it just right.


  • Discover the two tricks that will make your wedding vows sound like you and only you


  • Confidence that your personal wedding vows will convey what you love about your partner in your unique voice and personality, making your bride or groom truly feel what they mean to you on the most special day of your lives!

Ready To Craft Personal Wedding Vows That Wow?