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What’s A 'Love Legacy' Anyway?

Creating your love legacy

If you had asked me when I got engaged about creating my love legacy, I would have come up with another one of my famous expressions. I have the worst poker face, ya’ll! I could imagine this one being something like the “Doh” look that Homer Simpson is famous for.

"What is a love legacy?" I would have asked.

I could also imagine it’s something that you are scratching your head about even as you’re reading this. No one talks about a “love legacy!”

I know!

It’s not something I started thinking about until lately. Your wedding is the start of a beautiful life together in which you create an unbreakable partnership full of magic. Yup, magic! Magic because that word, in my opinion, encompasses everything intangible about love.

And those experiences, memories, and rituals all add up to your love legacy, a family heirloom that will last a lifetime and can be passed down for generations.

Most of the time this heirloom is intangible. It comes through in the stories you recount to your children or in the hug you give to your significant other every time he or she walks in the door. But, it can be tangible too like that photo book you put together after your first European adventure together with captions describing each photo.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. You have never ever heard of this.

I know! (again)

But I’m out there making this a call to action - I’m asking you to be intentional about creating a love legacy. Because here’s what happens…

Life gets covered up in laundry, grocery shopping, daycare pick up and tennis lessons. And before you know it, years have flown by and memories fade.

Creating your love legacy really isn’t hard. It’s just about making memories tangible. Actively think about how your love manifests and document it. That can be through pictures, through written words, through scrapbooking. It’s really up to you and your creativity.

I’m on a journey to help couples with their love legacies by documenting their extraordinary love stories. This is important to me because I am convinced that these love stories remain inscribed in our minds, but are not shared enough in the physical world. Shouldn't we be reminded of what brought us together in love and marriage every single day? Shouldn't we pass our love stories down to our children and their children? When we share messages of love, we spread it around and the world becomes a better place.

How will you create your love legacy?




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