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What To Write In Your Holiday Card

My days are starting to feel a little more like Christmas. It’s a wee bit chillier outside. The holiday decorations are dazzling in my town and I’ve hung green furry stockings from my fireplace with pine cones and jingle bells arranged on the mantle. It’s safe to say that I’m in the holiday spirit and what always comes to mind at this time of year is writing my annual Christmas card. I’ve been jotting Christmas messages in the cutest holiday-themed cards I could find for years now. I love knowing that in a few days time, my friends and family will open their mailboxes to a holiday letter sent with my best wishes.

My Christmas Card!

While it may come as a favorite pastime to me, I know an annual holiday card tradition is almost too much to bear for many. Lots of people opt for services like Snapfish or Shutterfly where you can quickly upload a picture of you and yours with a message of merriment like “Wishing you a happy holiday season from The Rocco's” but if you want to do something a little different this year, I’ve got a couple tips to make your holiday card a sweet success.

Open up a word document and let’s get started!

Begin your letter with a salutation: "Dear" or "Hi" will do!

Next, talk about how you are going to enjoy the holiday season this year. I said, “For the first time ever, Greg and I will be celebrating Christmas in a home we call our own! One of my favorite things about the holiday season is decorating the house for Christmas and this year is special because we are hosting our very first Christmas dinner!”

Next, segue into your 2016 highlights. A great transition could be about how you are grateful for the memories you created over the last year. Pick a few that really stood out and write a couple snippets about each experience and why it mattered. For example, I said, “Our biggest highlight this year was our vacation to Italy! It was an amazing two-week adventure from Florence through Tuscany to Rome and finally the Amalfi Coast. We had the extraordinary opportunity to meet my distant relatives who graciously welcomed us into their home."

In your closing paragraph, send your warm wishes for a happy holiday season and let your friends and family know that you are looking forward to seeing them or keeping in touch with them in 2017! I said, “We’re wishing you and yours a very Happy Holiday and Happy New Year! We hope to see many of you in 2017 and please pay us a visit in Atlanta. You are welcome anytime!”

Finally, address, stamp and send!

I hope my outline to write a holiday card makes the thought of actually sitting down and doing it a lot less overwhelming. I’d suggest pouring yourself your favorite beverage, lighting a candle and putting on a holiday movie or music in the background for a pleasant experience and just maybe you will have a new holiday tradition to look forward to for years to come.




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