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New Year, Better Us: 5 Relationship Resolutions

2019 Relationship Resolutions

Every year, I sit down with pen in hand to jot down some thoughts on how to strengthen my marriage in the coming year. Call them relationship resolutions if you will and this year, I took my inspiration from an article I read about a married couple who have been wed for 75 years. Their marriage advice is easy to execute and if it works for them after 75 years, I figured it would build some powerful habits for my relationship and perhaps you will find some inspiration in these for yours as well.

1. Always kiss goodnight

This seems too simple to be true. And, well, it is. That’s why it’s such a great one! As much as we have our best intentions of putting our partner first, sometimes our days get consumed with chores, errands, and work. It’s possible that right before bed is the only chance that day we get to connect with our partner and let them know that they’re number one.

2. Always hug hello

This one is so important to me this year! I have been in the bad habit of being so busy when my husband gets home that I keep going in what I was doing rather than acknowledging I’m glad he’s home (even though I’m thinking it). This year there will be no more of that! I am creating the ritual of always hugging hello.

You may think of another welcome ritual that works better for you but the point is to show your partner that their presence and spirit matters to you. I once heard of a couple that danced together every time one or the other came home. Maybe a first bump works for you.

3. Be good friends

I am such a huge fan of this one! In fact, I wrote about “What It Means To Be Best Friends in Love.” Building a strong friendship is the backbone of a strong romantic relationship. In addition to the layer of romance we want from our romantic partners, we also desire all the things best friends bring to the table in our chosen one as well including trustworthiness, honesty, dependability, loyalty, empathy, supportive of each other in good and bad times, and the ability to have a whole lot of fun together!

It’s important to keep refining your friendship skills over the years. If you like each other as well as love each other, life with your special someone will be a whole lot more meaningful.

4. Appreciate what we’ve got

Setting resolutions is all about initiating change which is important so you grow and stretch to new heights, but it’s equally as important to appreciate what you have right now. Every little thing is a stepping stone to the next thing and that’s why you’ve got to take the time to appreciate what you’ve got. My word of the year for 2019 is abundance. In essence, the word is all about expanding. And as part of my desire to expand, I have also committed to a gratitude practice because the two are connected.

When it comes to appreciating what you’ve got in your relationship, note all the many reasons you love your partner and then think about the life you are building together. What do you appreciate about those things, those experiences? Don’t lose focus on the here and now and take the time to appreciate right where you are. Because right where you are is exactly where you’re supposed to be.

5. Make each other laugh

What sounds better than LOLing til your belly hurts with your special someone? If there’s anything I’ve learned in my adult life, it’s that we could all use a little more laughter because with the mounding responsibilities thrown our way, it can be difficult to get those belly laughs in.

Maybe a bad dad joke every now and again isn’t so bad after all.

These are my relationship resolutions this year and I hope in one year from today, I can honestly say that my relationship is even better. I’d love to hear your relationship resolutions. Are any of mine steal-worthy? What others are on your list? Comment below and let me know!

If you’re new to setting resolutions, I wrote about the best way to make them stick all year long. Then, get some new year, new you inspiration from two people I really admire: Tanya and Courtney.

Happy New Year and cheers to you and yours!




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