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4 Valentine's Date Ideas for Engaged Couples

Man asking woman on Valentine's date

This may be the only Valentine's Day you will have as an engaged couple so why not spice it up from the usual dinner date and try something new?!

Did you know that when couples participate in novel and exciting dates, the quality of their relationship improves. If that’s not a reason to try something different, I don’t know what is!

Check out this list of 4 creative Valentine's date ideas to wow your someone special!

For the Foodie Couple: The Progressive Dinner Date

I know I said that a dinner date can get old, but this is a new twist!

Here’s what you do: Have a four course meal at four different restaurants. Start with drinks, then appetizers, then the main course, and top it all off with dessert. The catch? You only eat (or drink) one course per restaurant.

This is a great Valentine's date for the foodie couple who loves trying new restaurants. Why not try four in one night? You’ll have a blast going around town and tasting a new menu item from each spot.

For the Adventurous Couple: The Sky High Date

This one is a stomach dropper for sure! The point is to get your heart beating and adrenaline pumping a little faster. You know that feeling you get from reaching the top of the roller coaster and looking over the edge before it takes off at 100 mph? Heart. In. Chest.

Find a lookout point, a ferris wheel, a theme park, a race car track. Go skydiving, bungee jumping, snowmobiling.

This Valentine's date is all about going out on the edge for your relationship. You and your special someone will be talking about your heart-throbbing adventure for many years to come.

For The Couple Who Loves Wine: The DIY Wine & Cheese Tasting Date

Not up for the stomach-in-throat experience just yet? I’ve got the perfect alternative. Go to your local wine shop and buy 3 - 5 wines you’ve never tried before. Then swing by your neighborhood grocery store and buy the fanciest cheese in sight.

Back at home, set up different “stations” of wine flights plus their cheese pairings. Grab your honey and start tasting. Pretend you’re a wine connoisseur (or maybe you are!) and swirl and smell the wine before sipping. Come up with the perfect description for what you just tasted. Does it have notes of chocolate and cherry? Or perhaps it’s on the more oaky side.

For The Spontaneous Couple: The Choose Your Own Adventure Date

Get your fishbowl ready because you and your partner are about to leave things up to chance. Ask your fiancé to write 3 things he or she has been wanting to do in your city. You do the same. Throw them all in a bowl and then pick one. Whatever is written on the card will be your Valentine’s Day date. Some ideas include going on a bike ride, picnicking in the park, taking a cooking class, or going to a museum.

Ok, hope these Valentine's date ideas are just want you needed! I'm excited for you and the new memories you're going to make this Valentine's Day as an engaged couple!




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