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Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Him

I went straight to the source on this one and asked several men in my life about what makes a great Valentine’s gift for him. The overall theme was that it’s not about the gift itself, it’s the acknowledgement that you value him enough to have listened to him and want to cultivate his likes, tastes and desires. What he’s looking for (but will never say) is a Valentine’s gift or gesture that shows you’re really, really into him. Let’s take a look at a few Valentine’s gift ideas that unlock this code.

For the enthusiast

Hopefully, you have found out some of his personal interests and hobbies over the time you have been calling him officially yours. So this Valentine’s day take his hobby to the next level. My husband, for example, is really into music and cooking. One holiday, I bought him a turntable; for others, I have gotten him cookbooks by chefs he admires and even a subscription to Food & Wine magazine. He appreciated these gifts because they’re right in line with what he loves to do in his spare time and allow him to dive deeper into his hobbies and interests.

For the sports guy

If your guy is a sports nut, you can’t go wrong with giving a Valentine’s gift related to his favorite team or sport. Any sports fan would love tickets to a game or his favorite team’s jersey. They basically sell anything you can think of with a branded sports team logo — crock pots, keychains, license plates, welcome mats. If you can name it, I bet you can find it.

For the outdoorsmen

Hiking, fishing, camping, skiing, biking— it all requires gear. A lot of it. And now you can find the coolest stuff to make your guy’s outdoor experience that much better. Like an insulated coffee mug. If you’re not also into his outdoor fun, it may be hard to know what he needs so here’s a trick: ask him what he likes best about said outdoor activity. Then, continue asking questions until he tells you exactly what you need to know — what he wants to help him do his activity better, more efficiently, etc.

I hope this list starts to get your mind going on the perfect Valentine's Day gift for your guy this year. Remember, it’s not about getting any gift. It’s really important to make it personal. All the men I asked said that getting a gift that shows his girl understands him really helps him feel more connected to her.

Happy Valentine’s Day!




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