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Real Love Story: Royal and Lourie of Atlanta

It was a blustery day in December when I met Lourie and Royal at Cold Creek Farm in Dawsonville, GA. They were there to discover new and exciting ideas to help them plan the wedding of their dreams and I was there to introduce engaged couples to Love Notery.

I remember them walking up to my little Love Notery station and asking, “So what do you do?” I started to explain who I was and what Love Notery was all about and before I could even finish my sentence, Royal chimed in, “Oh yes!! We have heard about you and we love what you do!”

They radiated enthusiasm for not just what I could offer to them for a more intimate wedding planning experience, but they also radiated a passion for each other and for their relationship. You could feel the love between them and their excitement for celebrating this very special time in their lives in the few minutes we spoke that day.

They wanted to invest in their love story because it was important to them for their friends and family to know why they had chosen each other as life partners. Royal told me that many of his family members in Hong Kong would be receiving their invitations soon and he wanted to make sure their love story was a focal point of their wedding website.

Only two weeks later, we set up a video call on Skype to conduct their love story interview. We spoke for an hour and a half about all the moments, small and large, that have created their love story over the past five years.

We laughed when Royal mimicked a ‘moo’ that a cow makes and we felt all the warm and fuzzies when Lourie described how she went out of her way to let Royal know he was the one for her.

This couple exudes everything wonderful about why we choose to get married….because our lives are better together than apart.

Laurie and Royal are getting married on September 23, 2017, in what will be a stunning ceremony and reception at Cold Creek Farm. They are most looking forward to having all the people who have made the biggest impact on their lives in one place. People will be traveling from across the world to see this amazing couple get married. Royal is most awaiting the moment he sees Lourie as a bride for the very first time.

As for how they will use their love story at their wedding:

"The frame will be the first thing our wedding attendees see as they walk into the reception and afterward the frame will be hanging in our bedroom. For those of you (including myself) who are linguistically challenged, Love Notery is a godsend." ~ Royal




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