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Personalized Mother's Day Gift Idea To Show Your Heartfelt Appreciation

It often goes unsaid how much our parents mean to us. They are our support system, our biggest cheerleader; they have helped to shape us into who we are today, and as I started thinking about gift ideas to show my mom how grateful I am for her, I thought why not do a Love Notery-style custom story to share a personal message with my mom! And then I thought that the Love Notery community may also love this gift idea...

This Mother’s Day (May 14), you have a unique opportunity to share your heartfelt appreciation for your mom in a timeless, custom keepsake.

I’ll creatively craft your favorite mother/daughter or mother/son memory and message into a beautiful short story coupled with a photo of you and your mom for Mother’s Day!

Here's my personal mother/daughter story that I gave to my mom on Mother's Day last year.

Personal Mother's Day Gift

The details:

  • 20-minute interview to share with me your favorite Mom memory and message.

  • Formatted for an 8x10 frame

  • 3-day turnaround from interview to delivery​

  • $129

To schedule your interview, please email me at Looking forward to celebrating our moms this Mother's Day!

"I was blown away when I first read my Mother's Day message. The article was unbelievably touching, beautifully written and truly captured our loving sentiments for our mother. Love Notery was able to encapsulate some of our most loving and special memories and translate it into a gorgeous article that we could keep in the family for years to come." ~Kaitlyn B.
"This is such an amazing gift. Kristen so eloquently put my thoughts in to words in a way I would never be able to do on my own. She captures and highlights your feelings and creates an amazing message. I will never be able to thank Kristen enough for this meaningful gift to give my mom." ~Catherine S.




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