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3 for 1: My Easy System for Organizing Photos, Freeing Up Space On Your Phone & Preserving Memories

My Easy System for Organizing Photos & Preserving Memories

"Your Storage Is Almost Full."

Sound familiar? I can't determine when it's more annoying. When I'm in the middle of taking photos or when I'm trying to capture a moment in time on video. Do you know how long a moment is? Basically a few seconds. In other words, it's gone by the time, I can delete some photos for more space. Ugh!

When I returned from my trip to Denver a few weeks ago, I realized that I had an easy system for organizing my photos to make cherishing my memories super simple, which also freed up space on my phone. A 3 for 1 that I just had to share!

While saving space on our phone is a lovely side benefit, the more important advantage is that with this system, we get to capture all of our memories in a way that's easy to access (even years down the road) and also easy to share with others to further strengthen the relationships with those we love.

Hit play on the video to see how I do it!




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