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A Valentine Message

Many people don’t like Valentine’s Day. Heck, I was one of them. I had a "Singled Out" party in my college apartment one year. I hear many reasons why people shy away from Valentine’s Day from “It’s a Hallmark holiday” to “You should celebrate your love all year rather than focusing on one day.” I couldn’t agree more with either of these statements.

But what I also appreciate now more than I have in the past is it brings front and center the importance of love in our lives. Really the only thing that matters in life are the relationships that we have. Everything else is secondary. And over the year we do get busy, bogged down in everyday life stuff, personal and professional. Maybe it’s not such a bad idea that we have an extra reminder thrown into the calendar year that says, “Hey, celebrate what truly matters - love!” Because it could really all gone be in an instant.

This Valentine’s season, I’d like to challenge you to sit down with your special someone and recall your love story. Talk about it. I promise it will deepen your connection and it will get you to relive some of the most special times of your life.

I wrote in a previous blog post about finding my grandparent’s love story after they had died. It was written in their hometown newspaper because they were selected as a couple to feature in a Valentine’s Day story. I learned details of their relationship I never knew before. My grandpa asked my grandma to marry her after only two weeks!

Finding their story made me think... How many love stories are left untold? How many are buried under years and years of other recollections? Where do they go if they aren’t documented? Do they get pushed aside so many times that all we can remember are generalities of own love stories?

All these questions, along with the touching emotion that came from reading the love story of my late grandparents, was a major catalyst for my getting into the business of love storytelling.

And now I’ve helped a number of couples across the U.S. document their extraordinary love stories so they can remember every last detail as well as share it as a family heirloom for generations and create a love legacy for their family.

This Valentine’s season when you’re looking for a meaningful gift of love, I’d be honored to help you document your love story and turn it into a beautiful memento to cherish as a keepsake forever. Consider giving the gift of your love story here.




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