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Nashville Musical Duo's, Haley & Michaels, Inspiring Love Story

Haley & Michaels Love Story

When I learned about Haley & Michaels, I was hooked immediately. Not only are they extraordinarily talented musicians, I was hooked because their love story has impacted their songwriting in such a meaningful way.

The musical duo recently married in May 2015 and I had the chance to chat with them about their love story, songwriting, and their way up in the country music scene exclusively for my blog.

Love Notery: Love Notery is all about celebrating the love between two people, which is why we really resonate with your new single! Our community would love to know a little about your love story. How did the two of you meet and fall in love?

Haley & Michaels: We were introduced by a mutual friend who was the guitar player for both of our solo projects at the time. When we met in Nashville, we found out that we grew up just three miles apart in Northern California. We both had shows coming up and asked one another to come sing a song. When we first sang together on stage we felt huge chemistry and knew we wanted to start a duo. Our personal relationship kind of came over time as we started spending more time together writing. Ironically, we kind of fell in love while writing a break up song.

Haley & Michaels Love Story

LN: How does your love story inspire your music?

H&M: The more life experience we have to draw from, the more we have to write about. Being with each other has added more depth and honesty to our lives and thus to our music. We don't just write love songs. We are best friends and feel like our relationship has allowed us to open up about other experiences we have gone through and write more honestly about those things as well. It's really great to feel comfortable throwing out a bad idea for a song or a lyric, and being a total nerd when writing.

Haley & Michaels Love Story

LN: Why do you think people connect with your new single, “Giving It All (To You)”?

H&M: We wrote this song for each other to be our wedding vows. It was written without any intention of other people hearing it. We think that there was a certain rawness and honesty that was captured in this song, and it seems like that is what is connecting to others. Also, we always try to share two different perspectives in our songs. We have heard from some people who have used our song as a part of their wedding that because the song is a duet, it makes them feel like it's both of their voices speaking to each other on their wedding day.

Haley & Michaels Love Story

LN: You were just asked to play the Grand Ole Opry. Congratulations!! What does this mean to you?

H&M: Thank you! It has always been one of our biggest dreams to play The Grand Ole Opry. To experience standing on that stage where so many of our idols have stood before us is going to be the most humbling and thrilling experience!!

LN: What is one thing that people don’t know about Haley & Michaels?

H&M: Shannon's mom used to buy her sheet music from Ryan's family's music store. Ryan's grandma ran the sheet music department, so basically we figure our families met way before we did!

Haley & Michaels Love Story

How inspiring are they?! I'm definitely a fan. You can get Haley & Michaels new single on iTunes here - It's a lovely song for a first dance, don't you think?



*photos credited to Haley & Michaels

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