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Turn My Wedding Vows Regret into Your Wedding Day Win

I got married back in 2013 -- March 8 to be exact -- and leading up to my big day, I had always envisioned writing my own personal wedding vows. I really wanted that moment when I exchanged vows at the altar with my husband to be my own words, my own feelings, my own thoughts.

Just Think About It...

The wedding ceremonies that leave a lasting impression are the ones where the couple recites their own vows.

It's touching to see the groom reveal his heart and soul when he conveys his exact feelings for his new life partner, their relationship and his commitment to her. Then, when it's his partner's turn, she reads her handwriting verbatim as tears roll down her cheeks because the words weren't just words, they were promises and devotions full of meaning for their new life together.

I had hoped to personalize this treasured moment in my own way at my wedding one day. My church, however, was more traditional and wouldn’t let my husband and I exchange personal wedding vows.

I was disappointed, but what could I do?

Get Creative, Of Course

Now looking back, I realize there was another option. We could have taken a moment during our wedding day to say our personal vows to one another privately. There were plenty opportunities to exchange our own vows if we had just been a tad more creative. For instance, we could have shared our vows as a Love Letter exchange moments before walking down the aisle, at the First Look, or at the post-ceremony photo session.

Writing my own vows is one of the things on my wedding day I wish I had done differently, but my experience has fueled me to help every engaged couple who wants to write their own wedding vows a reality.

I created "How to Write Personal Wedding Vows That Wow: Your Start to Finish Guide & Workbook" to be your vows writing coach and in it, you'll find the stress-free formula to help you get from that blank page to your personal words of promise in no time!




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