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7 Summertime Date Ideas to Heat Up Your Relationship

Summer is here, my friends, and that means a whole bunch of new date options just opened up for you and your special someone! Hooray! So make the most out of your summer (only 14 weeks!) and create a summer date bucket list. Then, make a plan to check one off each week.

Here are seven date ideas to get your summer date bucket list in full swing:

Beach day

couple at beach

It’s finally hot enough to dip your toes, your waist AND your shoulders in the ocean. A day of nothing but sand and the sound of waves crashing is one of the best ways to spend a hot summer day. All your worries fade away when you open that car door and smell the salt in the air. Before you head out with your sweetie in toe, prepare a fun beach cocktail or mocktail. My personal favorite is a Pina Colada!


It’s time to spread out the blanket, get out the forks and knives, spread the cheese and say cheers under the trees in your favorite park. This is the ideal summer date where nature and a little preplanning create just the right atmosphere to kick off your summer fling with your special someone. Packing the right mix of food and drink can up the romance even more. Think Italian bread, garlic butter, parmesan cheese, a nice Italian rose. Plan your picnic for dusk and watch the sun set or early morning to see the sun rise.

A day on the lake

couple kayaking

When I think about spending a summer day at the lake with my guy, I think boating, fishing, jet skiing, wake boarding, kayaking, rafting. So. Much. Fun! This is a time to let loose and let your inner child play. Did you know play is great for your relationship? It’s true. Marriage and family therapist Esther Boykin says, “Couples who have the most fun have made time for play as a high a priority as changing the oil in the car or finishing up a project at the office.”

A leisurely stroll in the park or through your favorite neighborhood

This is one summertime activity that my husband and I love. The neighborhoods look so pretty with the trees and flowers in full bloom and it’s the perfect time to reconnect deeper than a normal schedule may allow and catch up on what’s on your sweetie's mind. You never know, maybe during this time you will plan your next big adventure or come to a conclusion on a pressing matter. While you’re strolling, don’t forget to hold hands.

Concert in the park

Open-air concerts, yes, please! Seeing your favorite band at a big stadium is cool but seeing them in an outdoor setting is even better. There’s something about listening to live music on a warm summer evening that keeps you right there in the moment, happy and content. You and your partner will benefit from these relaxing vibes.


couple on hike

Pique your sense of adventure and get outdoors! Adventure is great for your relationship because you discover more about your partner in adventurous situations. So explore a new area of your city by foot or take a relaxing drive to a destination you’ve heard a lot about but haven’t yet tried. There are hikes in most places for people with all different experience levels from easy to hard. Some offer water views while others are known for their green canopies and quiet respites from the city. A quick Google search will unveil many ideas for hikes in your area. One of my favorite hikes near Atlanta is Amicalola Falls in North Georgia.


I’m hesitant to suggest this one because I prefer sleeping indoors but I know there are a lot of people who love to camp. What I do think would be fun is renting a cute AirBNB in the woods and being surrounded by nature. That’s sort of camping, right? Build a camp fire, cook S'mores and star gaze. Now that's romantic! If you don’t have a nearby campsite you wish to go to, I’ve known people to camp right in their backyards and well, hey, if you have to use the bathroom, you’re only a hop, skip and jump away.

Are you going to start a summer date bucket list? Leave me a comment below and tell me what's on it. Then, tag @LoveNotery on Instagram to show me all the great ways you're building a stronger relationship with your partner this summer!




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