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3 Ideas To Thank Mom and Dad For Your Wedding Day

Ideas to thank Mom and Dad for your Wedding Day

Historically as well as present day, moms and dads are the ones who contribute the most to a couple’s wedding day. If not monetarily, then by lending an ear, giving sage advice, and being the shoulder to cry on. They will give you countless reasons to say thank you for a wedding day that you will remember forever. But with the number of other tasks that you have to handle between now and the big day, it’s easy to forget how far a thank you gesture to Mom and Dad will go. Check out some of my creative ideas to show Mom and Dad your gratitude for helping you build the wedding of your dreams.

Create An Album With Your Favorite Family Wedding Photos

Just like you, Mom and Dad will love to reminisce about your wedding. You see, moms and dads feel an equal sense of pride for your wedding as you do. It’s as much their party as it is yours. I learned this while I was wedding planning, and it’s so true. They’ll love photos with you and members of the family that take them back to that day.

Handwrite A Heartfelt Thank You

Writing special messages and memories for moms and dads this Mother’s and Father’s Day, I’ve seen firsthand the impact words have from the people they love and care about most. I’ve received messages from my clients about their parents crying happy tears, and feeling overwhelmed with emotion that their child took the time to convey just how much they mean to them. Showing your gratitude to your parents for your wedding is the perfect reason to write a letter straight from the heart.

Personalized Jewelry

A personalized piece of jewelry is a great token of your appreciation. It’s a symbol of your relationship and it’s something they’ll feel proud to wear on your wedding day. Ask yourself this question, what can Mom and Dad wear on your wedding day that was given to them by you? For Dad, maybe that’s initialized cuff links. For Mom, it could be an infinity bracelet or necklace. Whatever it is, when they look at it, they’ll smile knowing that you remembered them on one of the most important days of your life.

Every mom and dad wants to know that you appreciate what they did for your wedding day, so this is your gentle reminder to remember to thank your mom and dad for making your wedding possible.

Now, I know this post is all about mom and dad and the other important people helping you on your big day, but f you need some wedding planning inspiration taken from your own personal love story, download my guidebook with 20 Creative Ways to Bring Your Love Story Into Your Wedding!




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