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Your Bridezilla Ways Are Killing Your Reputation

While the term Bridezilla has been embraced to make for good TV, engaging in Bridezilla behavior could have long-lasting negative effects. A Bridezilla is a “bride-to-be who focuses so much on the wedding that she becomes difficult and obnoxious" and it's likely that a bride turned Bridezilla could overshadow what is supposed to be a very special time in her life.

It’s understandable, any bride wants her special day to be absolutely perfect. You want to see your vision, potentially a vision you’ve imagined for a very long time, come to life. In order to accomplish this goal, some brides go to extraordinary lengths to get exactly what they want and they’ll step on and over people they care about to make it all happen. This is when you cross into bridezilla territory and it can have some lasting, devastating effects.

When you feel yourself going down this path, take a step back and consider if these four disastrous outcomes are worth it:

1) You’ll push away your friends, and perhaps family too. No one likes dealing with a bride who is demanding, rude and downright mean to those who are trying to help her. Respect for others, even when it’s your turn in the spotlight, is paramount.

2) It’s not healthy. Stress is always a part of the wedding planning process, but it is even more acute when the bride is over-attentive to every single detail. Part of the fun of wedding planning is letting others in. The “go at it” alone mentality becomes completely overwhelming and all-consuming, leading to increased emotional and physical stress.

3) You’ll look back on your wedding planning experience and only remember the pressure to get everything done exactly “right.” Believe me, on your wedding day, you will not care if the candle holder is in the right spot or if the place cards ended up on the welcome table or at your guests’ seats. If these details become more important than the people — and most importantly, your fiancé — your memories could be filled with regret.

4) You’ll get a reputation that's hard to shake. All the unwanted drama with your friends and family will come back to haunt you by changing the nature of your relationships or losing friends altogether.

The best way to avoid these detrimental Bridezilla behaviors is to think about how you would want to be treated if the roles were reversed. It sounds simple, but the golden rule: “do to others as you would have them do to you” never fails.

Do you know or have you known a Bridezilla? Do you agree with these negative long-term effects of becoming Bridezilla? Do you have any to add? Head over to Facebook and share your stories and thoughts.



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