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When I Said “Yes!” to the Dress

My mom hoped I would find "the dress" walking into The White Gown, a bridal gown boutique in Brooklyn’s bustling neighborhood DUMBO (now moved to Manhattan). We had been wedding dress shopping all day, traversing the streets and avenues of Manhattan and this was our last stop. I thought I would be saying "yes" to a dress I tried on earlier that day, but my Mom needed further convincing.

The shop was quaint, which was different from most of the previous shops we visited; those were more crowded and less “bridal.” The White Gown was personal and intimate, just what I envisioned shopping for my wedding dress would be like.

I was reluctant that I would find a better option, but I was open to the possibility and I followed my personal bridal consultant into a fitting room the size of my New York City apartment. She asked what types of dresses I’d like to try on. By this time, I knew exactly what my gown of choice would be. I had already critiqued nearly 20 dresses that day.

“One with a dropped waist looks the best on me,” I told her. The next moment she was off, scouring the racks for my perfect gown. After only a couple of minutes, she returned with four, maybe five, dresses that fit my criteria.

I can’t remember whether it was the first dress I tried or the third, but when I put on “the one” both my mom and I knew. After some tears, I was escorted to the full-length hallway mirror. I stepped onto a pedestal and then Maggie completed my wedding look, first with a veil and then adorned shoes. I noticed a jeweled headband for sale at the front of the boutique that complimented the dress perfectly and put that on as well.

Thank goodness my mom insisted on going to “just one more place” or I would have missed out on wearing the most exquisite dress on my wedding day.

Dress shopping was one of the most vivid pre-wedding memories of my engagement journey. It was so special because of the opportunity to share this defining moment with my mom.

As you’re going through your wedding journey, I encourage you to focus on the intimate moments that you want to experience with your loved ones. What do you want them to be? How do you want to share them? Be intentional about these moments because they don't come around every day.



P.S. - This is my very favorite photo of my Mom and I from my wedding.

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