Your Love Story Matters

On Your Wedding Day & In Your Marriage


We can only grow in love when we appreciate and honor where we have been in love



Welcome Marriage Mindsetters!


Do you wish to fully realize the Marriage Mindset? It's not rocket science, but it does take a conscious effort to make sure that your love stands at the center of your relationship and is the foundation of your marriage.


Your love story is a marriage heirloom and serves as a constant reminder of why you are invested in your relationship....even when life gets complicated and that “in love” feeling begins to fade.


Transforming your memories into a tangible love story heirloom will not only allow you to feel grateful for your relationship every single day, it is also a resource for you when you need a reminder of all the reasons you're a team in this life together. 

With gorgeous sentiment and imagery, your custom love story from Love Notery captures the pure essence of your special relationship in every last letter and punctuation mark, bringing your great love to life in a magical way to share on your wedding day, to treasure for generations in your marriage and to pass down as your love legacy with future generations.


Your love story is the single most important thing in your lives as a married couple. It's the glue that will keep you happily married.


Do you want to give your marriage the best shot at success?

*If you're engaged, click to read how to personalize your wedding with the words of your personal love story

How It Works



Through my deeply personal and custom approach to working with engaged couples, I get to know your love story intimately through a one-on-one love story interview. I gather each of the moments that have created the foundation of your love through a series of questions that dig deep into your history as a couple. I audio record your interview to ensure that every written detail is described accurately and with as much beautiful sentiment as you remember it.


This is one special trip down memory lane and a time for you to cozy up to your special someone as you pay tribute to your romance!



I carefully listen to the audio tape, look back at the feverish notes I took during the love story interview and use my professional skills and experience as a storyteller to write a narrative that recounts your love story to read like pages of your own fairytale. You would have never known that your love story could become such a masterpiece! 



No longer are the sacred words of your love story a mere memory. Now they are beautifully arranged into the most meaningful gift of love that says, “I love you always and forever and I am proud to be married/marrying to you.”


From start to finish, I put a copious amount of attention on the smallest of details to refine my craft and ensure the experience for my clients feels like they are on center stage. It takes anywhere from 8 - 15 hours to produce your one-of-a-kind, beautiful and timeless love story wedding heirloom.

Couples like you

Are transforming their love stories from mere memories into lasting legacies. 

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Fill out the form below or email me at and let's chat about taking your marriage to the next level with your personal your love story! The investment for this love story heirloom is $299.

I respond to all inquiries within 24 hours.

"Kristen is a delight to work with. She is astute and picked up on lovely details about our love story I couldn't have seen myself. She has a keen listening ear and ensured that our story exceeded my high expectations. We will cherish the framed story always"



"Kristen was wonderful to work with. She is very personable and it is obvious that she is in the right career! I was thrilled to receive our love story in the mail and I cannot wait to showcase it on a wall in our home. It is a timeless gift that we will be able to treasure as time goes by. Thank you, Kristen, you have been wonderful!"


 ~The Overstreets

"In sitting with Kristen and telling our story, we really reconnected with all of the paths that brought us to where we are now. Kristen's beautifully worded tale of those paths is the perfect way to share our story with our loved ones, and is something we will always treasure. Thank you, Love Notery!"


.~Talia & Will

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