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And Become a Unified Team in Life, Love and Money

You've Spent A Crazy Amount Of Time Planning Your Wedding...



Now it's time to plan your marriage



After you tie the knot, you think... phew…smooth sailing, finally. Wedding planning is behind you and you can finally relax. That’s what you thought anyway. Reality is different. 


The first few years of marriage bring a lot of change. Moving. Merging your finances. Buying a house. Starting a new job. Having a baby.


It all feels exciting and it is! But it is also stressful. 


You are finally starting to understand what it means when they say marriage takes work. The honeymoon period only lasts so long and then daily life takes over and man, the real world can be hard. 


How can you ensure that you’re growing closer when life’s pressures mean less time together and other priorities become the focus?


The answer is teamwork. You need to become a unified team in life, love and money. 


The Marriage Mindset Masterclass gives you the relationship tips, tools and strategies to build the crazy wonderful partnership you have always dreamed of. 





In The Marriage Mindset Masterclass, You'll Learn:

In Love and Life


  • How to successfully transition from an “I” mentality to a “We” mentality to conquer life as a unified team

  • What a tit-for-tat mentality is and why it’s a relationship killer

  • Why it’s important to put your love story at the center of your marriage

  • Strategies to honor, celebrate and build upon your love story every day


In Money


  • How to reduce relationship stress and arguments over money

  • The emotional side of money that’s not being discussed

  • The 7 money mentalities and why knowing your money mentality as well as your partner's will help you overcome unwanted financial tension in your relationship

  • Strategies to help you and your partner approach your finances as a unified team

  • And much more

Who Is The Marriage Mindset For?

The Marriage Mindset Masterclass is for engaged and newlywed couples who…


•       …are excited about marriage but also nervous that 50% of couples get divorced and want to ensure that you have the tools and strategies to build a happy and healthy long-term marriage.


•       …are a couple of years into your marriage and you’ve noticed some unhealthy patterns that you want to course correct before they get worse.


•       …are engaged and want to begin your marriage off on the right foot with healthy relationship habits starting from day one.

Investing In Your Marriage Is A Critical Step Forward In Creating The Marriage You Crave...

One that's fulfilling, rewarding and loving

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Kristen Rocco is the professional love storyteller of Love Notery. After being married for five years and working in the field of love, she has immersed herself into the study of relationships, learning from the world's renowned marriage experts. She helps couples realize the strength and beauty in their love stories and the importance of building upon that foundation every single day for a loving relationship for years to come. 

Course Instructors













Best-selling author and Financial Therapist Kiné has 13 years of experience in the financial services industry. She has helped thousands of people improve their financial well being; taking clients from frustrated and hurt to peaceful and healed. She assists them by giving them tools to successfully navigate the Money Cycle to reach their hearts desire.

She's now the president of Presidential Lifestyle, a wellness company focused on wealth in all its forms. She serves couples, divorcees and their children to help them define their idea of prosperity using financial therapy, cognitive behavior therapy and existential therapy.

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