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What NOT To Do in a Marriage

Relationship-Development and Transformation

Dr. Steven Cangiano


Learn what behaviors you and your partner should avoid to have the best chance at relationship success.

Love & Money Podcast

Kiné Corder


Wanna know the secrets to a successful marriage? Kiné Corder speaks with special guest Kristen Rocco to help give insight into the tools necessary to build a marriage mindset.


This episode helps couples create awareness and fairness around arguments. The question is not will you fight but how you fight. Some of the happiest couples in the world fight. They fight fair, however, and they stay away from sneaky phrases that they can’t take back. Listen to this Prosperity Report episode and learn all this plus the four behaviors that most reliably predict divorce. 

3 Tips To Write Personal Wedding Vows Fueled by Your Love Story


Kristen Rocco 

Any good speechwriter will tell you that they start on their draft months prior to the big day. Why? Because they need time to write, write some more, delete, rewrite, edit and finalize. That’s the difference between an amateur and a professional. Which do you want to be on your wedding day?

Wedding Vows: Tips for Writing Them, Expert Says “Stay Away From Inside Jokes”

FOX News Radio's FOX on LOVE 

Ashley Papa  


"Many couples are opting to write their own marriage vows this wedding season. Founder of Love Notery, Kristen Rocco, who also teaches vow-writing, says when a couples script their own, it gives them the opportunity to speak straight from the heart...."

Incorporate Your Love Story On Your Wedding Day

Florida Bride

Kristen Rocco

A few years after my wedding, I caught a glimpse of my beautiful wedding photos and it hit me that those photos only told a small fracture on of our tale, leading me to where I am today. Now I help engaged couples personalize their weddings with their love stories, and I have uncovered countless unique and memorable ways that you can easily share your love story on your wedding day.

Writing Your Own Wedding Vows? 3 Common Mistakes To Avoid

MidSouth Wedding Guide

Kristen Rocco

Find out the 3 top vows writing mistakes to avoid to write your own crowd-pleasing wedding vows.

Capturing Your Love Story Through Photos

The Photo Organizers


"Companies like Love Notery can even help you write you love story and create a keepsake you will cherish forever. In an age when The Bachelor is our pop culture’s example of finding a soulmate, you can offer a wonderful and personal example of how it works in real life."

Packaging Love

Perimeter North Lifestyle Magazine

Valerie Shepherd 


During the holidays, journalist and entrepreneur Kristen Rocco stepped in to help people write more meaningful letters at The Packaged Good. Click below to read the story. Flip to page 20.

5 Wedding Businesses to Help Couples Plan the Best Day Ever

Business News Daily

Shannon Gausepohl 


Brides and grooms are (understandably) picky about the services they choose to make their nuptials special and memorable. These unique businesses help couples make their pre- and post-wedding plans as stress-free as possible. 

Put the Magic of the Holiday Season Into Your Relationship

Zoosk's Date Mix Blog

Kristen Rocco

Three ways to let the holiday spirit inspire you to get a little closer.

How To Know If He's The One

Zoosk's Date Mix Blog

Kristen Rocco 

When your script flips from casual dating to dating for marriage, you begin to look at every relationship from a different lens and ask yourself, Could he be the one? The answer to this tough question comes down to whether or not he checks off all your non-negotiables. Most people overlook red flags on their deal-breaker list in hopes that someone they have chemistry with will change their behavior or come around to a different way of thinking. If you’re wondering how to know if he’s the one, passion and chemistry are important. But it’s not everything.

Veterans Day: Letters From Home



Almost 100 people spent part of Saturday, Nov. 5, at an event organized by The Packaged Good and Love Notery to write letters and create care packages for U.S. soldiers serving overseas, away from their families. The gathering in Dunwoody produced more than 350 letters to troops, including those shown on this page.

Relationship Advice for Men

Zoosk's Date Mix Blog

Kristen Rocco 

Four pieces of relationship advice that reveals what women really want from men in a relationship.

How To Date When You're Ready To Get Married

Zoosk's Date Mix Blog

Kristen Rocco


Tips on how to navigate the dating scene when you’re ready to settle down now.

8 Signs You're in a Good Relationship

Zoosk's Date Mix Blog

Kristen Rocco 

How can you tell if your relationship has long-term potential? These 8 tell-tale signs of a good relationship will help you find out. 

Re-energize Your Relationship with These 6 Exhilarating Date Ideas

Zoosk's Date Mix Blog

Kristen Rocco 

Tired of the same old date? Try these creative date ideas to make things new again.

How to Cultivate a Relationship Rooted in Best Friendship

Zoosk's Date Mix Blog

Kristen Rocco 

Should you approach your romantic relationship more like a friendship?

Bringing Your Love Story Into Your Wedding Day


On this episode of the Plan The Day Show, Cristina sits down with Love Notery creator, Kristen Rocco to talk about how you can make your love story a part of your wedding day. 

Tech to Turn Your Wedding Planning Woes into Wins


Kristyn Back 


With summer in full swing, we’re officially in the crux of wedding season. Between bridesmaid battles, disgruntled in-laws, and cake crushing – the thick of planning your pending nuptials tends to be more of a curse than a blessing.


Hype is arming you with the best tech from Atlanta to help you make that walk down the aisle with ease. 

Don’t Break the Bank on Wedding Gifts

Fox News Radio

Ashley Papa 


We know how expensive weddings are, even for the wedding guests!


If your schedule of wedding ceremonies this summer has you seeing dollar signs, perhaps it’s time to think outside the “gift box” this year.


Kristen Rocco, founder of Love Notery, says cash may be king, but guests have options.

Don’t Be That Wedding Guest

Huffington Post

Kristen Rocco


Just as the bouquet and garter belt toss have fallen by the wayside in recent years for brides and grooms, changes to etiquette for guests attending their weddings have also evolved.


from our own wedding day experiences. I think every bride has gotten a phone call the day of her wedding to ask for directions or notify her of don’tsI was driving to a wedding in North Carolina this past weekend with my husband and another couple and we began talking about wedding guest dos and a last minute cancellation. While it may seem respectful from the guest’s perspective, it causes undo stress for the bride. In other words...

Love Notery Writes its Own Startup Story


Muriel Vega 


Kristen Rocco is a fan of coincidences. She finds the smallest details in her clients’ love stories and makes them shine through in her writing. Coincidences, she says, are often overlooked or go unnoticed, but make their love stories unique.


(Image courtesy of Hypepotamus)

Telling Your Love Story

Save The Date Podcast

Aleisha McCormack

There’s one aspect of a wedding that many couples neglect to share on their big day and that’s their love story…how you came to be, standing there in front of a bunch of people. There are hundreds if not thousands of memories and experiences that you created together…the highs and lows, the foundation of your love and relationship. 

There are so many ways to integrate these fabulous stories into your wedding day that are quirky and creative, subtle and fun. Today’s guest is Kristen Rocco, a journalist and PR specialist who ditched her corporate career to put her professional storytelling, writing and interviewing skills to work in order to help couples create an important piece of their family legacy.

Have You Ever Heard Of A Love Storyteller?

"Atlanta Plugged In," CBS 46


Kristen Rocco, Founder of Love Notery, dishes about the most common love story trends. After interviewing and documenting love stories of many couples, some similarities have stood out as the rule rather than the exception. 

We Love Love Notery

Scottie Key


Every couple has a love story. It’s the question you’re always asked before you say I Do… “How did you guys meet?” “How did he ask you out?” “How did he propose?” And let’s face it, it’s our favorite story to tell. Your eyes light up and your heart skips a beat talking about the day when you and the love of your life first met. That pivotal point in history when your lives changed forever. It’s your first date, your first kiss, your first time meeting his family, and the moment he asked you to be his bride. Leading up to your wedding, it’s important to remember why you’re spending all of that time and money planning. To take a step back reminisce on everything that led up to “I do.”


That’s where Love Notery comes in. Kristen Rocco, a professional writer, story-teller, and entrepreneur, is your personal journalist to document every sweet detail of your love story. 

How The Bachelor Is Ruining Love


Kristen Rocco 


I’ve been a Bachelor viewer since season 1. I can barely believe that I’ve dedicated 14 years' worth of Monday nights to watching women come and go, men cry, upwards of 500 repetitions of the question "Will you accept this rose?", and more emotional breakdowns than I can count. It's been an entertaining ride — but also a more insidious one than I would have believed as I sat rapturously watching the first season as a college freshman.


(Image courtesy of ABC)

Tinika + Ronnel's Sappy Love Story: The Big Fake Wedding Atlanta



“It still took some careful consideration on the part of both Tinika and Ronnel to overcome their hesitation about turning their friendship into a romantic relationship. After all, they were around each other day in and day out and wondered if they’d ruin what they had…”


Today’s Sappy Love Story is a little different, and we’re super excited about it. Tinika and Ronnel’s “happily ever after” was actually written by Kristen Rocco of Love Notery, a custom-written love story company and a vendor at our 12th(!) Atlanta event. Learn more about Kristen and her sweet business below, then read her custom love story to get excited for the event!

4 Ways To Include Your Love Story In Your Wedding Day

Something Turquoise

Kristen Rocco 


When I was planning my own wedding back in 2013, it never occurred to me to include our love story in the elements of our wedding day. Your love story is all those moments, big and small, over the span of your relationship that created the foundation of your love for each other. If I could do it over, I would have thought harder about how to incorporate little details into my special day that created a story for my wedding guests about how Greg (my now husband) and I fell in love.


(Image courtesy of Lin & Jirsa

Founder Interviews: Kristen Rocco of Love Notery

Startup Atlanta

Kristen Rocco 


The wedding, it’s expected. Months and perhaps years have been put into planning this special day, but what about the back story? How did these two souls among billions meet? And what more, how did they fall in love? It’s a simple premise that can easily lose itself in the pomp and circumstance of a wedding ceremony.


Yet it is this element of a couple’s love story — its foundation — where Love Notery finds its niche.

How to Create Your Own Wedding Vows: A DIY Guide

Kristen Rocco 


One of the most meaningful DIY projects you can take on for your wedding day is the exchange of personalized marriage vows with your fiancé. Wedding vows are the foundation of your life together as husband and wife. It’s like your little script to how you’ll do marriage together. Long ago, there wasn’t an opportunity to “DIY” your wedding vows, but today custom-written vows are a special way to personalize your wedding ceremony and share all the reasons you’re marrying your special someone.

Document Your Love Story With This Perfect Gift For Couples

Plan The Day

Liz Prugh 


It’s never too late to relive your wedding day, and fortunately for all married couples, there’s a service that helps you cherish the memory of the best day of your life: Love Notery. Founded by professional writer and happily married wife Kristen Rocco, Love Notery is a one-of-a-kind service. Love Notery works with you and your loved one to document your entire love story. 

6 Love Story Trends That Will Warm Your Heart This Valentine's Day

Huffington Post

Kristen Rocco 


I can unequivocally say that every love story is different. Each has its own twists and turns that represents all the defining moments of a couple's relationship. Even in the days of online dating where you might imagine that "how we met" stories stack up similarly, there are nuances to every circumstance that makes it wildly different than the last.


But there are some similarities too. Not in the specific details, but when you look close enough, you can see themes that shine through to be the rule rather than the exception.

Summerlin-Area Residents Tell Their Loves Stories And Tales Of Finding "The One."

Las Vegas Review Journal

Jan Hogan 


Valentine's Day is Sunday, so View continues its tradition of bringing readers stories of their friends and neighbors who found the right person for them. Kristen Rocco is the founder of Love Notery, which documents couple's stories of how they met and fell in love.



Local residents Rena and Alex Davis had their story documented through Love Notery

Don't Be A Stupid Cupid

Washington Blade

Mikey Rox 


Choosing the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for that special someone is all hugs and kisses with this guide of specially curated ideas for cute cooks, fashionistas, adventurers, artists and more. 


Your extraordinary love story becomes a tale as old as time with Love Notery, custom-written personal stories that detail the defining moments of your relationship, displayed in a photo frame with image to create a meaningful memento.

Why You Probably Shouldn't Plan a Bachelorette Party Weekend

FOX Magazine

Ashley Papa 


Thinking of planning a trip for your bachelorette party? You'd better plan accordingly, or you could lose some friends.


It’s almost wedding season. We know that couples are spending more on their weddings these days; more than $30,000 according to a study by The Knot. It even costs a lot more just to attend a wedding, averaging $592 per guest according to American Express. But there's another big expense that often burdens the friends of the wedding couple: the bachelorette party.

7 Things To Know For The First Year Of Marriage

Whitney C. Harris 


For newlyweds, marriage is filled with so many hopes and expectations. With that in mind, we asked recent brides who've been married five or fewer years for their advice on that first critical year.


Kristen Rocco, Founder of Love "The transition from 'I' to 'we' can be a difficult one. Even as you're dating, you still mostly operate independently, but after you get married and settle into your new life together, the meaning of partnership becomes infinitely more important. Now your finances are tied, family vacations are done as a duo, and your last name becomes one. All of this equals a shift in identity. The more newlyweds can maintain open communication and compromise, they create healthy communication patterns and trust for each other that strengthen the bond." — Notery

7 Things To Do Instead Of A Honeymoon, Because You Don't Have To Get On A Plane To Spend Quality Time Together


Aly Walansky 


Honeymoons sound like a magical time, a way to get to know each other even better, and relax after the crazy wedding planning. But they can also be incredibly expensive, and a lot of us simply aren't going to have them in the cards right after our wedding — or at all. But that doesn't mean we can't mark the occasion with something equally special. There are plenty of fun things to do after the wedding you and your partner probably haven't considered.

Write the Perfect Wedding Toast in Just 15 Minutes

Huffington Post 

Kristen Rocco 


It's that exciting yet dreaded moment by maids of honor and best men: the wedding toast. What to say? How to say it? How long? What's off the table? 


Writing just the right wedding toast doesn't have to be hard, you just have to know what you're doing. This formula will help you write the wedding toast everyone will be talking about months later in only 15 minutes. 

3 Meaningful Ways To Capture Your Love Story On Your Wedding Day

Huffington Post 

Kristen Rocco


One day about a year ago now, my mom (with the help of my aunt) sent me my grandparent's love story. It was a short article written in their local Coral Springs, Florida newspaper for Valentine's Day. I was surprised after reading it because I learned things about my grandparents love story I never knew. Their first date was a swan lake performance. And my grandpa proposed to my grandma after only two weeks! But she said no the first time.

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