You have or you are spending an incredible amount of time planning your wedding. Now it's time to invest in and plan your marriage.


According to The Early Years of Marriage Project, a whopping 71% of men and 79% of women reported conflict in the first year of marriage. Unhealthy conflict leads to criticism, contempt, defensiveness and stonewalling of your partner. These 4 toxic relationship behaviors most reliably predict divorce 90% of the time. Don't fall victim to these relationship-crushing patterns.


The Marriage Mindset teaches you how to become a unifed team and build a crazy wonderful partnership so that when you encounter the stumbling blocks of marriage (conflict from stressful moments like merging your finances, buying a new house, moving, starting a new job and the everyday stressors of life), you will be able to work together peacefully and lovingly.


In your 45-minute Marriage Mindset video training course and workbook, you will learn:


In Love and Life


  • How to successfully transition from an “I” mentality to a “We” mentality to conquer life as a unified team

  • What a tit-for-tat mentality is and why it’s a relationship killer

  • Why it’s important to put your love story at the center of your marriage

  • Strategies to honor, celebrate and build upon your love story every day


In Money


  • How to reduce relationship stress and arguments over money

  • The emotional side of money that’s not being discussed

  • The 7 money mentalities and why knowing your money mentality as well as your partner's will help you overcome unwanted financial tension in your relationship

  • Strategies to help you and your partner approach your finances as a unified team


Investing in your marriage with The Marriage Mindset is a critical step forward in creating the marriage you crave -- one that's fulfilling, rewarding and loving. And it costs less than your wedding favors. Seriously.

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