• Kristen Rocco

Turning 1 Has Me Scratching My Head

I'm scratching my head this morning wondering how in the world 365 days have passed since I officially turned Love Notery's lights on! I envisioned a world where love stories were documented and shared and brought daily joy into people’s lives by being able to relive them, read them, talk about them and feel grateful for them. The mission was, and still is, to spread more love into the world. To inspire love. And to celebrate love. Focusing on this mission, I found a community in you. You get that documenting your love story is more than words on a piece of paper. It’s a part of your family heirloom. It’s your love legacy. It’s your marriage keepsake. It represents the only thing that really matters in life. You know that you can’t put a price tag on immortalizing your love story.

Love Notery at Cold Creek Farm

Thank you for carrying the mission forward. Without you, love stories would still be stuck in an intangible place and we couldn’t learn from each other’s experiences. You see, when people come forward and say yes to documenting their love story, they’re not only receiving a tangible keepsake of lifetime value, they are also helping society at large. Real life love stories uncover truths about relationships that we can only learn when we share our experiences. In this capacity, I’m solely a vessel for disseminating the teachings of your love stories. This spring, I wrote a think piece for Refinery29 called How The Bachelor Is Ruining Love based on my own personal experiences as well as on the stories I was hearing from you. It gave me the confidence to push it out as truth. That truth read like this: “Intimacy is the foundation for true love, and that intimacy is built, not delivered from a high. You find love through real conversations. Through vulnerability. Through adverse situations. Through commitment. By knowing yourself and accepting others for who they are. And by building intimacy.” You’ve gotten me to dig further into why being best friends is a formula for a great relationship. Zoosk, a dating app that has 38 MILLION members in 70+ countries, has asked me to write on this very topic and share our findings with their audience. That's impact and that’s the power of what we’re doing here. 1 year later. You + me. Our relationship has only just started. I can’t wait to see what else it brings. Let's make a splash for this love storytelling movement on Love Notery's 1st birthday by posting a photo on Instagram of you and yours with the caption, “Every love story is beautiful but ours is my favorite” and use the hashtag #lovenotery. Thanks for spreading the love. I can't wait to see your post! XO, Kristen