• Kristen Rocco

Podcast: Relationship Killers with Kristen Rocco

Hey ya'll!

I was just interviewed on Kiné Corder's podcast, The Prosperity Report "Love & Money," and I'm excited to share the episode with you!

It's all about relationship killers. In other words, what may you be doing right now in your relationship that could be driving it into the ground.

This episode helps couples create awareness and fairness around arguments. The question is not will you fight but how you fight. Some of the happiest couples in the world fight. They fight fair, however, and they stay away from sneaky phrases that they can’t take back.

Listen to this Prosperity Report episode and learn all this plus the four behaviors that most reliably predict divorce: contempt, defensiveness, stonewalling and criticism. Learn how these relationship killers can inadvertently play out in your every day life.

Listen here: http://kinecorder.com/love-money-killers/

We talk a lot about The Marriage Mindset in this episode and you can learn all about why it's important to embrace The Marriage Mindset right here.

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