• Kristen Rocco

Changing the Future of Girls Education One Cupcake at a Time

As I’m building Love Notery to be a brand for people who value tangible memories, one of my key priorities is giving back. I believe that the more you give, the more you receive. I wish for Love Notery to spread more love into this world. And it’s through the support of nonprofits that we can achieve this goal.

I’ve been involved with a nonprofit called She’s the First since its early stages. Here’s some background from an email I sent to my friends and family around this same time last year:

I started working with She's the First, a nonprofit that supports girls’ education and helps them become the first in their families to graduate from high school, four years ago and every year that goes by I learn more and more about the importance of investing in girls' education. Many girls lives are threatened just by going to school each day, but they triumph and go to school because they strive for change and quality education is their way to a better future. Every female graduate boosts the economy, reduces disease, and enhances culture--that makes the planet better for everyone.

If she does not go to school, likely she will get married young to someone who she did not choose. This is causing harm to not only her, but her community, country and the rest of the world. And simply put, does not spread any love into the world.

One of She’s the First's main fundraising initiatives to help these girls get a quality education which changes the trajectory of their lives is its annual tie-dye cupcake bake sale. I was the cupcake captain back in 2012 when it was in its second year! This year marks the 5th year for the annual tie-dye cupcake bake sale, running Oct. 11 - Nov. 1.

I want to challenge the Love Notery community to participate in this simple, yet extremely powerful, fundraising movement. You’ll be in good company — professionals, collegians, and students from all across this country and globally participate to change the future of girls’ education in the developing world.

Here’s the link to get started #bakingachange and to learn more about She’s the First — http://bakeachange.squarespace.com/about#signup.

I’ll be supporting through a financial contribution this year of $100. How can you help change the life of a girl? Consider signing up to host a tie-dye cupcake bake sale or joining me in making a financial donation. If you have any questions, please send me an email at kristen@lovenotery.com.