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Learn What It Takes to Plan Your Marriage

Build A Better Marriage

Marriage is many things, but sliding into my fifth year of it, what I think marriage is above all is a lot of give and take; it’s adding to your partner’s well-being when you can step in and make things easier. It’s a team approach to life. This takes focus, time and commitment to achieve. And unfortunately, there are forces working against you.

Our brains are wired for love AND WAR.

A whopping 71% of men and 79% of women reported conflict in the first year of marriage according to the Early Years of Marriage Project.

The likelihood of divorce only increases the more years you are married — 13.9% of couples in the study got divorced at the three-year mark, 29% at year seven and 46.1% at 16 years together.

These aren't just any couples. They are you and me.

  • Have you ever felt criticized in your relationship?

  • Have you ever felt defensive in your relationship

  • Have you felt disrespected in your relationship?

These negative feelings are all sources of how conflict begins. You can't avoid conflict, but you can learn how to navigate conflict peacefully and that's a big key in building a better relationship.

Are these bad marriage stats such a surprise since....

No one teaches us how to be married.

You're expected to just figure it out, hoping that because you found ‘your person' you are magically able to wiggle around all conflict. Talking to friends and family about how to navigate married life is not even a conversation for most of us and forget discussing publicly the tough challenges of your relationship — that’s a private matter. Counseling is taboo, and mostly it’s not even considered until it’s too late.

But if you take any other example of what it means to improve something, you have to practice, study and learn.

Athletes practice to get better at their sport. Chefs practice cooking to make better food. Students study to get better grades. Professionals earn more money after years on the job. The list goes on. So why would you assume that you are automatically great at building a strong, lifetime-lasting marriage from the get-go when you haven’t had any practice or done any studying?

I’ve partnered up with marriage and financial therapist, Kiné Corder of Presidential Lifestyle to bust up that go-at-it-alone-and-hope-for-the-best norm. And treat marriage like the professionals do in any other facet of life. Learn the skills, put in the work and get better and better as the days and years go on. You can start learning and practicing with our Relationship Challenge.

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We are arming you with marriage-boosting daily habits to encourage you to build an even stronger partnership.

Each day you will receive your new challenge to complete that day.

Through our relationship challenge, you will discover how to become a better lover and fall deeper in love. You may even have renewed butterflies for your special someone!

You have nothing to lose. And love to gain. What could be better?

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