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Win The Gift-Giving Battle This Holiday Season

Does the thought of trying to find another holiday gift for your significant other make you want to pull out your hair?

Does he already buy everything he wants? Do you want to give her something personal and intimate that represents your relationship? Do you strive for gift-giving perfection, but continually fall short?

Not this year.

This year, you can finally give a gift that…

…he/she doesn’t already have.

…is custom made.

…is personal and sentimental.

…makes the two of you fall in love all over again.


With the gift of your love story.

Imagine when your significant other unwraps your custom-made love story on Christmas Day.

She’ll be taken back in time when the two of you fell in love.

He’ll relive the most significant moments of your relationship from the day it all started.

And best of all, your love story will be preserved forever.

And finally, you’ve won the gift-giving battle.



See an excerpt of real love stories written and documented by me here:

Happy Holidays!

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