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First Impressions Lead to Hearts and Flowers: The Love Story of My Late Grandparents

The Love Story of My Grandparents

The article above is the love story of my grandparents. The local newspaper put out a call for submissions around Valentine’s Day for the love stories of its residents and my grandparents' story was picked for publication! Now it’s written down and documented forever.

Finding their story made me think... How many love stories are left untold? How many are buried under years and years of other recollections? Where do they go if they aren’t documented? Do they get pushed aside so many times that all we can remember are generalities of our own love stories?

Your love story is sacred. Think about that for a minute. That’s powerful. And it’s how couples manage to keep the romance alive for a lifetime. Each love story is unique. Each has the ability to conjure up that tingly feeling all over again. Each makes us a believer that our relationship can stand the test of time. The greatest paradox to love stories though is that over time we tend to forget what brought us together in the first place.

Before the details get lost. Before you get too busy. Before important gets buried under 50-hour workweeks, grocery shopping, laundry and hosting 10 people for the holidays, think about documenting your love story because keeping it front and center is one secret to enduring love.




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